Tuesday, April 21, 2009

heads up

Just an uber-quick bedtime blog...

We are all into our new home with the household goods. Super slowly but surely unpacking all the stuff, and cleaning. We got such a great deal on this house but what we didn't pay for in the mortgage we are now paying for out of our own pockets and with our blood, sweat and tears. The previous owners kept this place like a slum. Seriously, the neighbors that we've talked to referred to the woman as "Ghetto Girl"! So today we got our new, sweet dishwasher installed and the old one is sitting all broke in our garage. Friday we get the new microwave installed.

The registration paperwork for M to attend Kindergarten in August is in progress. We took a look around the place last week. The school looks very new and all the classrooms that M would be in are indoors. That is good but I was expecting them to be, considering the climate.

So much more to say, but so little time!!! Will do more when I can.

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