Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Upgrade Saga Continues

I sit here with a large mug of hot Smores flavored coffee, glance out the window at the rainy day, and ponder the cruel fate of the photography pantheon. Upon visiting the camera shop yesterday I learned no current DSLR body nor converter rings are compatible with my 35mm set up. I have now been set to square one of the digital camera upgrade research project. I picked up as many informative phamplets as the shop could offer, most of them being from Canon. The Nikon brochure just laid out additional gear to buy, with not much in the way of assisting a shopper starting from scratch. So I shall be continuing the knowledge quest. No longer focusing on the Alpha series, but now tackling the choice between Nikon or Canon. It seems as though Nikon has a wider range of lenses to expand with. But the salesman seemed to be saying that the Canon Rebel was more user friendly. What do you in the DSLR using world think? What is your favorite camera and why?

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