Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feel so far behind...

It's been a little rough lately. Haven't been keeping up with my homework as well as I should, and on the lighter side I'm way behind in my blog subscriptions, cell phone photo a day, and the stack of clean laundry now blocks the closet door. In my defense I've been nursing a sick cat and had an allergy attack this weekend.

Tai-Grr is the sick kitty. He has had diarrhea for quite a while now. He's been on hypo-allergenic food and Metronidazole since the start of the month. He had an abdominal ultrasound on Monday. The results from that have come up as inconclusive. He doesn't have the thickening of the intestinal walls for an IBD diagnosis. The Veterinarian thinks it might be Pancreatitis or food allergy. We are going to continue the Metro and limited ingredients food and give it time. Also saving our pennies for more blood work. He still has diarrhea but the Metro seems to be helping and as long as he keeps eating, we can at least avoid Hepatic Lipidosis.

On the upside, I'm still getting B's in both my classes this quarter. Just a couple more weeks left and I want to see if I can push things to make the grade more secure, because it's on the low side right now.

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