Saturday, November 21, 2009

welcome, Christmas

welcome, Christmas
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I suppose the berries do apply to Christmas and Thanksgiving. Even though I don't get to see this wreath everyday because I'm usually driving into the garage for house entry knowing it's up to greet people makes me happy. I want to put up more holiday decorations but we have a rule that Christmas decorations don't go up until the day after Thanksgiving. Since I don't have any Thanksgiving specific decorations that I know of, I'm stuck dreaming about what we will be putting up and where.

We will have colored lights outside- spiraling them along all the posts on the front porch and outlining the structure of the roof.
I would love to buy a large lit decoration for out front, something of the religious sort like a wicker and lights angel or a lit from within Creche set.

Inside the tree will have white lights, our home modified lit star on top, the motley crew of ornaments, and on Christmas Eve candy canes on the boughs. I don't have much in the way of decorating nick-knacks but I would like to get the long garlands to weave in the banisters and above doorways. Ooh, and maybe some mistletoe! =) It would be fun to put a nice large sprig of it right above the front door! I can also add to the holiday atmosphere by streaming my music, at least until the 'looks' start coming in from my family members! ;)

This year there will be many family members passing through our threshold. Mom, Dad, both Brothers and their families will be coming from out of state and there's my Aunt, Cousin and her Husband who live here in CO. Mom and Dad have already seen the house,but nobody else has. No, not even the local branch of the family! I better get to straightening things up more, here.

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Ma Thompson said...

Well you certainly would have had a certain visitor and her service dog come by now, if she could actually GET IN the house. LOL make the entry ADA so Grandma Thompson can come for a visit! This Thanksgiving will be cooked by yours truly since I am not sure I will be able to do it again in the future. I am a firm believer in making food for smiles at any cost! My stroke caused me to forget that I can in fact cook and boy howdy do I get rave reviews by family, neighbors and lucky potluck attenders. Hehe, I have been really happy cooking up a storm for everyone who asks, since it gives me great joy to make people smile once they taste my sweets and or savory dishes and deserts.
Next comes Christmas cookies.... Russian Tea Cakes, and my favorite Grandma Feiner's Christmas Cookies... YUMMY! LOL, Tyler made me promise to share the bounty of cookies this time, since no doctors are standing around this year telling me to gain weight... DARN!!!! Too bad we don't have the technology for smellavision. Maybe I can figure out a way to send you some of the goodies? I would hate for the cookies to show the way they crumble when not taken adequate precautions. OH my I am to read in church tomorrow so I am off to bed now. Love and blessings, Ma and Chief