Friday, August 14, 2009

Foody Friday- Sausage, Rice, Snickerdoodles

I decided to do the sausage and rice skillet dinner again tonight. We first had it a month ago and it went over well with everyone. Some of the ingredients were missing tonight so I improvised and it turned out so well that I've been craving it all evening! Pats on the back please? Read on to see what I did.

I started some white rice cooking then took smoked sausage, sliced it, and browned it. Drained the grease off and used the beefy broth from our dinner last night. (That was water, stew beef, carrots and red potatoes in the crock pot with A-1 Thick + Hearty sauce dumped in because none of the Beef Stew seasoning packets could be found.) Added parsley, onion powder, and finely chopped fresh garlic (Thank you Clea, it was scrumptious!). When the rice was done I tossed that in with the sausage and other stuff. Let everything cook together for a few minutes then steamed up some peas and buttered them, served on the side. SO satisfying and yummy! The flavors are lingering a really long time!

After my girl was asleep I made a batch of cinnamon-sugar cookies. I placed them too close together on the sheet so they had that mutant look. I told my husband I did it on purpose because if they're stuck together like that then it means he can't take just one. Hehehe =)

I will try to come back again tonight to tell you about the adventures of the first half-week of Kindergarten. To sum things up: we survived but not all of her hair did!

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